SO Wellness - From the Foothills of Himalayas!

Food & Beverage industries hold the top
slot in profit-making businesses worldwide, but one with average quality
standards and no community-profit sharing culture. This mass production ensures
you are well fed, but then are you fed well?

Our Founder's Story: How She Became an Organic Health Pioneer

Sumeet Sadana to provide easy access to preservative-free, non-GMO
enhanced organic produce, SO Wellness was established to serve this very need.

Crafted in small batches from local sources across the Himalayan range, SO Wellness introduces itself as an assortment of highly sought-after gourmet blends of herbs, Ayurvedic plants, seasonal flowers, and organic botanicals, to be your go-to brand for a mind-body reset!

The ingredients are sourced directly from farmers of certified organic farms and subjected to quality inspections before
getting processed. We strive hard to preserve the terroir flavor and aroma by procuring products from single farms, which further undergo quality checks in our labs before being processed into small batches.

Through this humble endeavor, we have been able to empower single mothers and diligent rural women from local communities.
SO Wellness proudly identifies itself as a women-run enterprise that employs sustainable business ethics and eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging to serve
freshness at your doorstep!

SO Wellness also attempts to bridge the gap between Indians and the ancient medicinal and ayurvedic wisdom their generation forgets to acknowledge, by bringing out exciting ranges of blends that are 100% plant-based, vegan, and herbal.